Prayer for the Assembly

The former Director for Church and Society Keith Jenkins posted this prayer to all of us attending the 14th CEC Assembly.


May all those who participate in the Budapest Assembly

be open to the Holy Spirit,

listening and attentive,

searching for new steps on the ecumenical pilgrimage,

free from preconceptions and prejudices

so that the churches of Europe can together develop and proclaim a vision of Europe that leads towards justice, peace, solidarity and harmony with creation

and take new steps towards the unity that our Loving God so fervently desires for them and for all humankind.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Assembly

  1. Thanks, Keith, for continuing your long journey with CEC as I do also. We enjoy having Jean Fischer here – and would enjoy you too. May good decisions be taken for the ethical witness of Churches in society! Votes are starting just in a few minutes. You will hear about them. Warm greetings from your Swiss friend in industrial mission.

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