Camping days in Flämslätt

Last week was so nice, Anelise (from Brazil) and I could meet Jam and Fer (both from the Phillipines) and we went with Veronica(that went to Brazil last year) and Ida (she went to the Phillipines last year) to a camp, in Flämslätt, close to Falköping, on 24, 25 and 26 of April. There, we could present ourselves and show a little more about our contries. Veronica and Ida presented about their staying in Brazil and Phillipines and it was so nice to hear them talking about our country. We also saw a presentation of two people that went to Peru, in Latin America. When the presentations finished, we went to small services (during the three days) and then we were free in the evenings. In the first evening, we bought chocolate and crisps and talked a lot and played games, so nice! And in the second evening we went to Skåra, in a service and then in a young people group. It was also very nice. We laughed a lot. We also climbed a mountain next to Veronica’s grandparents’ house. It was amazing, we could see waterfalls there, and at the top, we saw the big lake. The view was fantastic. Ida invented a song while we were walking in the forest. She promissed that she will write and record it. I will wait! Haha

/ Elisa


During the Youth Exchange Programme in Sweden I saw and learn different things that are connected direct to the church and the society in general. I experienced these things in two ways, positive and negative altitude as explained here below starting with positive altitude.

i. Big and beautiful churches in every congregation have the church that have been built for a long time ago and today they still looks new, modern and attractive with good music organs. This was a big different compered to home countries where we have small church and not old.

ii. Another thing was how the church of sweden offer different social services to the society inside and outside Sweden especially to special groups like old people, orphans, widow, youth, and young children with different problems by sending either money or other basic needs like clothes, food etc. in and outside Sweden.

iii. How the church through parishes and dioceses gives special services to the members of the church, these includes funeral services, wedding services, communion, baptizing services to every one even if someone never comes church for service and participate in other church activities, this was due to the reason that all people in Sweden pay taxes for these services

iv. Partnership within and outside Sweden. The church of Sweden allows Parishes and diocese to have friends with other parishes and dioceses out of Sweden like Africa, America and Asia and neighboring counties in Europe.

v. Another thing is how the church of Sweden gives aids and help to different groups outside country to people who face different problems such like famine, war and drought. This was good service that must be learnt by other churches all over the world.

Apart from the above strange and good things that the church of Sweden do also i experienced some weakness as shown below:

i. Few number of people ranging between 10 to 20 in country side and 15 to 30 in towns during Sunday service this is a bad thing since people stay at home and going into different sports and fail to use only one hour for the services. This is a big different when compared with my home country (Tanzania) where you find a hundred and thousands of people in Sunday services.

ii. Another thing that was bad to me is that the church of Sweden do not involves young children fully in church activities. For example to run the service, read the bible in Sunday services, preaching , forming their choir or joining adult choir so as they can learn and adopt to involve in church activities.

iii. Lack of freedom, the church of Sweden in one way or another fail to make its own decision and implementing the church rules as it interfered by the government for example, teaching and preaching gospel or having player in schools.

iv. The church of Sweden has no special day either from the congregation level or to the national level where Youths they can meet with  leaders of the church of Sweden to talk and discuss different problems that they face as young generation for the future church and nation

Lastly i would like to say thanks to church of Sweden to come up with this ideas of Youth Exchange Programmme that allows most of young people to learn beliefs, social, economic and political matter from different parts of the world.

This will help us to build our church and the society in the future life by coming up with new skills and knowledge on solving problems facing our society and individuals.

I wish if one day we should have a conference for all participants who participated from when the programme was started so as we can have evaluation on the achievements of the programme.

                      YEP is for change

                      CHANGE IS ME, YOU, US

                      ”TOGETHER AS ONE WE CAN”



Vet du hur man gör en Svensk paj? Här har Aneth skrivit ner receptet!

Do you want to know how to make a Swedish pie? I’ll let you know how to prepare the Swedish pie! 


  • 1 spoon of a greeting hej hej  to everybody no matter the age!
  • 10kg of fika(3 per day)! That’s important if you won’t contain it your pie will be uncooked and with bad taste!
  • 10kg of having a lot of candles everywhere (houses, churches, offices  and schools. 
  • 8kg of drinking coffee after every meal, during breakfast and during fika time!    
  • 91/2kg of keeping time.
  • 2 spoons of not hugging you if he or she has met you for the first time.
  • 31/4gm of having paints in his or her house as well as church!
  • 91/4kg of wife and husband helping each other in domestic activites eg. cooking and taking care of dishes.  
  • 71/3kg of enjoying the sun one shining.
  • 4kg of having red, cream or yellow paints on their houses.
  • 81/2kg house built by timbers or woods.
  • 71/4kg of giving first priority to children!   
  • 20 table spoons of keeping nature and reserves eg.forests.
  • 8kg of painting eggs during Easter, decorating eggs feathers and chickens, eating Easter candies found in the egg!
  • 9kg of celebrating mid-summer.
  • 10 full cups of eating   butter and cheese.
  • 7teaspoons of eating muffles after Easter!

Steps: Mix the ingredients together in one large bowl by using food mixer. Grease the pan; pour all mix on the baking pan! Put it in oven; let it stay for 5min. Open the oven and your Swedish pie is ready!                    

That’s how to prepare the Swedish pie! Having all of this required ingredients you will  have a pure, real and good Swedish pie!!!!! 



Aneth som är en av årets deltagare från Tanzania skriver här om hur hon kände när hon först kom till Sverige. Hon berättar om nervositeten och ovanan inför det nya klimatet som hon kännde till en början men också om hur hon sakta men säkert börjat känna sig hemma här i Sverige.

“It’s too cold and the place is full of the snow! Will i survive on this Northern part of Europe?

Am now going to meet and live with new people different from who am used too!” Am nervous, excited and worried! 

“Welcome in Sweden and in Swedish culture! Open your eyes, heart, mouth and your mind, be ready to talk, share and learn!” One of my coordinator said.

I wish you a nice stay in your congregation” she concluded! Am now nervous and excited more than at the beginning.                                                 

Oooh! My friends do you know that Swedish people are good, kind, friendly, cooperative and caring people! When i came in Sweden i was impressed by people who received us, our host families and different people whom we meet! They have made my life and my stay to become simple, nice, enjoyable, cope with this weather see and learn more from them!

May be someone will ask ‘how do they make my life simple! This is how they make my life simple: They gave me winter jacket and winter boots! I think without that i couldn’t cope with this weather (winter)! They have helped me with whatever i need; also they are kind, friendly and taking good care of me! I really feel at home! By now all of my worries, excitedness and nervous have been taken away!

Lastly, i hope that the rest of my stay in Sweden will be good and more enjoyable! May God bless you!



Albogast är en av årets internationella deltagare från Tanzania. Här delar han med sig av vad han upplevt och lärt under sin tid i sverige. Albogast har fått uppleval livet längst upp i norr efter en tid i Hortlax församling och befinner sig just nu i Västerås stift i Grengårdens församling. Han upplever att myckert av den svenska kulturen, våra vanor och vårt sätt har haft inflytande på honom. Vårt sätt att se på tid, att klä oss, att hälsa på varandra liksom vår strävan efter att leva jämlikt mellan könen är alla saker som han nämner i sina reflektioner. Han skriver att han upplevt stor vänlighet från människor hanträffat och att han kännt sig trygg och säker tackvare handledare och vänner . Just vänskap har fått en större mening i Albogast liv – han menar att resan har förändrat betydelsen av vänskap i hans liv och han känner sig stärkt och glad!


After arrived in Sweden i started experiencing and learn different things that i hope will help in the future life in my family, home, church and the nation at large. These things are as follows.

1. Time or punctuality. i learn to be punctual everywhere i was needed and this has change to be one of my behaviors that i thought it will work all my life under the sun. This comes when different people told me about the advantages of time in our day life.

2. New traditions and customs these include language, dressing, greetings, dancing, worshiping and games , i felt strong feelings with joy and happiness when i was able to speak few words from Swedish, play games like kicking, skiing and driving snow mobile which was a very interesting game to me.

3. Gender equality within the society. This was through the division of work within the family, church, where both men and women and the society in general. All gender worked equally without separation of work that can be special for women and men.

4. Building new skills and knowledge on how to run daily life in my family and the society in general. For example budgeting, interacting with people in the society, helping people, telling someone the truth when he/she do something wrong in the society, taking care of individual and social properties.

5. Weather and climate change, being in Sweden weather was a big challenge to me due to snow and very cold weather especially in the Northern Part of Sweden (Hortlax) where i was in my first congregation, i thanks Carina who was my supervisor who play a big attention and take care of us from being affected by very strong cold so as we can keep on working with social and church activities in a such weather environment.

 6, ”A friend in need is a friend indeed” by referring to that proverb it is true that i have learn what is the meaning of friendship in my life, This come after having different friendship from my fellow participants, coordinators, supervisors, families and the society. This will help me to keep updated from different part of the world

7. Not list but last is Kindness among the people (Swedish) that we visited them and interact them in their homes during either dinner, lunch, FIKA, hotel and public institution like schools and universities. Not only that but also those whom we lived in their families, all takes care of us as if we are among the children of those families, this make us feel free to do and ask whatever for our program.

These are the few things i have learnt and experience during my stay in Sweden in the Parishes of HORTLAX (LULEÅ) and GRENGÅRDE( VÄSTERÅS).


/Albogast Mpambala

International Participants of 2013

At this moment, 14 young individuals from Tanzania, Brazil, Costa Rica and the Philippines are in Sweden through the exchange program to experience life in our Church and society.

The journey began in the fist days of March when the snow still lay thick over Sweden and icy winds welcomed the participants at Arlanda airport.

Now it is already spring and since the arrival the participants have had the time to gather at Sigtuna Folkhögskola twice and to live in a Swedish congregation during a little more than a month.

International Participants 2013
International Participants 2013

Standing – from the left: Matheus, Roberto,Christina, Steven, Michelle, Jame-Lee, Albogast, Jonesia, Aneth, Anelise

Sitting – from the left: Debbi, Christian-Fer, Albogast, Elisa


The group has grown in to a big family through the gatherings, through the exchange of experiences, thoughts and impressions, and Church of Sweden has already gained a lot of inputs and new angles on how to look upon our church. The reflections of our participants are invaluable!





Activities during Sigtuna gatherings!

The participants has now, for the second time, gone to their host congregations that are located all over Sweden. Hopefully some of them will be ready to share their thoughts and impressions of of sweden and Church of Sweden with all of us here on the blog soon! So keep updated for new posts!

/Anne Falk

New Coordinator for the exchange program in Sweden