Nature- I cannot take my eyes away from you..

I cannot take my eyes away from you,

Seeing the beauty from the other side of the world is worth this trip. Experiencing the weather we don’t have in the Philippines is a plus, the winter and spring. When everything is so gray and dead and when it starts to get life. From buds to leaves, from dead grass to green grass and now with flowers on it. Does the weather really affect one person’s mood? I don’t know, who am I to judge? But seeing this beautiful faces smiling when the sun is up, rejoicing when it is warm outside. Happily singing while doing their gardens.

I cannot really take away my eyes from you. The view that you show my eyes every morning, these green trees and colorful flowers, the blue lake, the smell of moss and earth. I don’t really want to get away from you, the setting of the sun from late evening, the reflection it gives on the lake beside my temporary house, from yellow to orange and sometimes even pink. I will never forget that hill which is covered by white carpet from afar but when you get close the white carpet are flowers, the white sips. Those spring flowers you can only see for a week and wishing that you could just stay there and admire its beauty.

I cannot really take away my eyes from you. The tall trees on the forest, the rocks covered with moss, the small” stuga” houses in the middle which you will think as a candy house if it is colored with pink, those big horses or the Islandic ones. The zigzag way which will surely lead you to a beautiful places. I don’t think I can resist you but you really captured my heart. In this place where I am too far away from home, I feel close to home with you.

Have you ever wonder how God’s creation affects our life? How He does his magic in every thing that we see. Have we realize how lucky we are? To have the nature which gives food and shelter to us. To have the lakes and oceans for us to survive, have we thank Him for these things? Did we do our part to manage and maintain these beautiful surroundings we have? A simple prayer of thank you might work but if we do something for Him which we did because of our Faith, it is the next big thing, the big step we will do in our life.

We should reflect, in the nature around us we can feel that God is closer to us, close our eyes and pray in silence but we should also make sure to put our prayers in action!


/ This blogpost is written en by Shiara May Ganotice from the Philippines

Gruppbild 2015