God made the world and the Swedes made Gothenburg. Not only the fact that it is the second largest city in Sweden, but also is the best place you can always visit. Cold winds blowing from the Coast makes the city even colder despite being wormer than most of the Northern parts of Sweden. I think tomorrow it might rain because we have rains almost every day! When you come to Gothenburg don’t forget to bring with you your umbrella.

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Fifty years years old, the Ålvsborg Bridge looks as beautiful as if it was built a few years ago.

“Where there are three cars in the parking one is Volvo.” I didn’t know the secret behind this during my first few hours here. Now I know that this is the home of the big car manufacturing company – Volvo.  That is why – here Volvo, there Volvo, everywhere Volvo and Volvo!  I know nothing about the price of one, who was the founder, how it works but I am sure that the name of the car is Volvo. Atleast one person in each family here in Gothenburg has a relationship with Volvo.  Volvo acts like a pivot to Gothemburg economy.

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I have two options now, either come with one Volvo to Sigtuna during our last gathering or stay here and work with Volvo!

/ Luther Lutashobya

Luther is from Tanzania, Bukoba district and represents ELCT-NWD – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania – North Western Diocese in this years Youth Exchange. He is currently, during his second stay in a swedish congregation, placed in Gotenburg together with his traveling companion Enock Jackob.


Hej hej!



I’m Thais and I’m one of the brasilian participants of the Youth Exchange Program of this year. I’m almost done with my first period here in Sweden. It’s only one week away from the next meeting with the other participants. And all that I’ve been experimenting here is just amazing!
I’ve been staying in Sävar, near Umeå for the last four weeks, enjoying everything about snow and cold. In Brasil we never have snow, so all of this is so new to me and I really like it. I went skiing, sliding in the snow, making snowmen, having snow fights, going scooter and everything else about the winter here.
In the other hand, I’m also learning about the Church of Sweden. I’ve been to youth, kids and adult choirs. Parenting group, with smaller kids. Different types of services, like one in the hills that we went by scooter. Youth groups that are so fun. We went to a kids camp and later we’re going to a youth camp. I also experimented the Easter here and saw all the sweden traditions.
Other thing that we’re trying here is the Sweden culture. We have been to a school, the pool, other cities around here and museums. Later we’re going to a fire station and the university too. It’s all very interesting and beautiful because is so different from my country. And it’s very nice to share our costumes with them and learn about them too.
The whole experience is been amazing for me. I feel I can fly all the world now!