Take me back to Liseberg!

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Liseberg… Such a lovely name. Is it a place? Is it a person? Is it a restaurant? Certain questions running in my head upon hearing that word! But when they told us about it, I certainly got the answer immediately! It’s a place. Not just a boring kind of a place but a place full of thrilling rides, breathless freedall at top speed and other fun stuffs to do. In short, an amusement park. I got to know Liseberg by curiousity and excitement. I browsed on to google to know something about the place before going there. I sounded excited, right? Well, I really was! Liseberg is one of the biggest amusement park in Europe, and I was amazed upon reading that! ”Oh my gosh, I’m going to be in the famous amusement park in Europe!” I exclaimed in my head. To be honest, I got attracted to Liseberg. For sure, not only me but for people of all ages! As a tourism enthusiast, I can say that Liseberg is a must in your itinerary when you travel to Gothenburg, especially if you’re an adrenaline seeker.

Last May 7, 2016, we travelled to the beautiful city of Gothenburg for 2 hours. Maria, Maja, and a happy kid like me were so excited about it. The sun was up and the weather was warm, perfect timing for Liseberg adventure!

First things first, you have to pay for the entrance fee so you can be able to enter the place and of course, buying the bracelet! It’s a Liseberg’s bracelet that can access you to any ride you want to go and it’s much cheaper to buy the bracelet thingy rather than buying tickets for every rides. We chose to buy the bracelet so we can be able to access hassle-free to those rides we wanted. Not to forget to mention, after we bought the bracelet, we got to meet our friends from Tanzania, Costa Rica and their supervisors and hanged-out together as a big group!

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This was it! I got excited to take my first ride but at first, I went to the restroom for me to let go of what’s holding me from the trip. You know what I meant! In that day, I’ve been to like 8 kinds of ride and definitely made me feel worth it. In this blog, I will share the top 3 most exciting rides I’ve ever been. So the first ride that marked in my head is the ”Kanonen Ride”. Sounds thrilling! Yes, it’s the first ride I started to take for that day. It’s a roller coaster ride that goes off with a super bang and will give you an adrenaline rush. I got pretty nervous when I hopped on the train and when I felt that 7 seconds of heartbeat in the station before taking off! Then the train was fired out of the station like a cannonball, reaching its top speed in just two seconds. I was like screaming so hard by the strong impact of it until I got adrenaline rush all over my body! After climbing at an angle of 90 degrees, I found myself on top of a hump and went upside down quickly with it’s two loops which made me more scared and nervous because I felt like I might fall down on the ground or something so I decided to just close my eyes and screamed more until it was over! I breathed out of relief for staying alive after the ride and found myself breathing so hard with my messy hair. But it was so fantastic! I didn’t regret going with my friend in that ride considering the fact that I’m a bit scared of roller coasters.


The second ride that I liked is the ”Kållerado” ride. It is a kind of a water ride where you can take an exciting trip to the waving water and got shoot by the boiling rapids of the river. You will get wet and have fun by riding on this kind of boat. This was definitely the most annoying yet relishing ride I’ve ever been. The boat keeps moving a bit fast which made me felt dizzy and made the waving water came inside the boat. You’ll definitely get wet in that case! My clothes and shoes got really wet from those shooting water from the river and it annoys me so much but laughed so hard of enjoyment! Annoying water but honestly, I enjoyed so much from getting into that dizzy boat and free shower from the river.I couldn’t hide the enjoyment I felt when I got off from the boat! We we’re all laughing each other for getting wet from the ride, because if you didn’t get wet, you’ll never enjoy the fun in the ride! The good thing is it was sunny and warm on that day when we were in Liseberg so our clothes got dry off easily. Definitely, it’s a ride to take again!


The best ride and my favorite ride of all time was the ”FlumeRide”. ”Yehey! It’s another water ride!”, I exclaimed to myself. The ride got a long queue so it took us some minutes to go inside. It’s a water ride where you ride on a boat in logs that can reach into high speed. We were so happy and excited when the boat started to move going up. We were screaming with enjoyment and when we went over the top, we stumbled down, down, down to the land with a SPLASH of the twirling waters below and with the loud shutter of the camera captured our great smiles from the ride! I didn’t get really annoyed on this ride from getting wet instead I enjoyed getting my clothes wet from that beautiful splash of the water! It’s truly the most adorable and exciting ride I’ve ever been and I felt likenI didn’t want this experience to be over. I was like, ”Ohh I wanna ride more!”. This is indeed my favorite one, you can see it from my sparkling eyes and smile when I got off from the boat! This will always be the first ride I will check for the next time I’ll visit amusement park!


Leaving Liseberg was so hard after those fun moments with my friends. I screamed so hard in the ride, got dizzy, and got adrenaline rush but despite of those exhausting feeling, it’s the excitement, enjoyment, fun times and happy moments that linger and made my day worth it. Indeed, Liseberg is a happy place!

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So many scream I offered in that lovely place and so many memories to keep in my heart. I will keep those funny moments in photograph and will forever treasure in my heart.

I will definitely look back to this kind of experience I have in my journey here in Sweden. I am grateful enough staying here in Sköde (our second congregation) and for having those awesome people who never fail to help us in filling our journey a one of a kind. I’ve seen how they’re making their best to keep things go smoothly as planned in the program and I appreciate evey single effort they do just to make our stay wonderful. And it’s all because of our Almighty Father up there who’s making these things possible and I thank Him bigtime!

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YEP Participant from the Philippine Independent Church


How about the weather?

Something I was not prepared for was the Swedish weather.

More specifically, how the weather can have so much influence on people’s lives.

When I was a child, I never quite understood why my teachers put so much effort into explaining that the closer a place is to the Equator, the less different are the seasons of the year. Or why so many people write about the weather in so many books, poetry, songs…

I was born and raised in Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the south of Brazil. I heard since a very early age that the region where I was living is one of the few on my (huge) country that had four different seasons, and I saw pictures in books that showed flowers on spring, beaches on summer, yellow leaves on the ground on autumn and naked trees and snow on the winter. But I’ve never seen snow there.

From what I saw there, spring is time for sneezing all the time. The weather is usually starting to get better and warmer and, to be honest, I’ve never noticed when the flowers start to grow. Summer is when it’s insanely hot and it is quite popular for people to go to the beach. Spring and summer are also the time when people start going to the university in the afternoon to talk, drink chimarrão (which is a special kind of tea that you should google to know more about), and maybe watch a concert or something like that, because it only gets dark around 9 pm.

Autumn is never time for the leaves to fall. Maybe some do, but most of them stay on their places, in the trees. Slowly, it starts to get cold. It’s time to put all the blankets in the sun for them to get rid of the storage smell. For me, it’s also time to give up on some things that I enjoy because of the cold or the dark, or sometimes regret the things that I didn’t give up on, for the very same reasons.

And then, there is the winter. In most cities, there is no snow, but the ground can get frozen sometimes. It can be around 0º Celcius quite often, but the houses have no heating system, so we don’t get to leave our jackets when we get in, and it’s specially hard to leave our beds in the morning, because it’s so cold to wake up. Plus the sun isn’t up until 7:30 am.

It was the end of february when we arrived Sweden. It was the end of the winter, and everything was white. When we landed in Arlanda, the birds were comming back, and we never saw so many birds in the air. I walked and played in the snow in Sigtuna, Uppsala, and Vislanda after that. I saw the snow melt and the white and blue flowers start to grow, but most importantly: I heard people saying they were growing.

It took me some time to understand that in Deceber there is only sun from 9 am to 3 pm.

Everything is white, and for the nature, life is on hold.

Just getting out of the houses in the winter takes so much effort that the weather actually makes people feel different things.

After all of that, seeing a green spot on a gray bush is a good reason to be happy.


It’s cold here today, but the people are warmer.

 by Débora Grenzel, Brazilian participant of 2016’s exchange